Murcia Airport Arrivals

The Arrivals area starts with the Immigration and Passport Control desks where the passengers will be asked to provide a passport or an ID card. Right after leaving the plane, the one will be guided to the Baggage Claim area to take the luggage. The proper baggage carousel will be indicated on the airport screen depending on the flight. In case if the baggage was lost, the passengers may always go the Lost & Found area located on the ground floor as well.

The Customs control shall be undergone if the flight is coming outside of the EU or Schengen area so that to declare goods carried to the country. Food, cash over 10.000 euros, high-value electronics, etc. are the goods that shall be said, however, more information regarding that matter might be found at

Once finishing the steps mentioned above, the one may rest in cafeterias located on the ground floor of the airport as Serunion and Costa Coffee. The Banking facilities, as well as the Car Rental Offices, are available there as well.