Murcia Airport Departures

The first step after the landing in San Javier airport would be the passing through the Check-in Desks located on the ground floor. It is advised for all passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight if that is a Non-Schengen flight and 2 hours before the flight if that is the Domestic or Schengen flights. However, some airlines operating at the airport allow their passengers to go through the check-in process online and not to stay in the line and go straightly to the security control point.

Once the security control is passed, the Passport Control will be the last step at the Departures area. If the destination is located in the non-Schengen area, the passenger shall go through the primary document control that might be a passport or an ID card of the citizen.

The Boarding Gates located on the ground floor of the terminal will be the last steps on the way to the plane. The proper boarding gate might be found on the airport screens.