Murcia Airport History

The construction plan of the airport was ready by 1927. The construction of the hangars, accommodations, a power plant were built to provide drinking water allowed to make a hydrogen factory and a small port as well during that period.

By 1932 the airbase was utterly ready to hold the aircraft operations on its territory. In 1963, the 2nd Commission of the Provincial Tourist Assembly admitted the need to start the civil aircraft operations through the airport, however, some facilities were still to be implemented. Later on 20 July 1964, the airport was officially opened for the civil traffic.

On 6 May 1965, the runway 05/23 was expanded to 2.300 meters. Afterward, the taxiway restoration was implemented, as well as the construction of the parking area and the highway between Santiago de la Ribera and Los Alcázares in May 1966. After all, facilities were constructed, the first scheduled flight from Madrid took place on 1 November 1968.

The export of goods had started through the airport in the 1970s when the offices of the Main Customs Administration of Murcia were opened in San Javier.

Various building works were implemented on the 3.500-square-meter area so that the airbase would be capable of handling four flights simultaneously. An additional 1.100 meters in the arrivals area were built in June 2004. The departures area was expanded in 2006 together with check-in desks and a renovated lounge area. In 2011, the second runway was opened for military use only.

The airport has two operating runways, the runway 05R/23L is 2.300 meters long and is used for military purposes only, and the runway 05L/23R is 1.580 meters long and is used for civil purposes mainly.

The airport has become busier due to the operation of several low-cost airlines on its territory. Therefore, by 2012 the passenger traffic of the airport has reached the mark of 1.181.490 passengers.

In April 2018 it was officially decided that Región de Murcia International Airport will replace Murcia - San Javier Airport by the end of 2016/beginning of 2019. an easyJet have already announced that they will return their operations to Región de Murcia International Airport from the beginning of 2019.