Murcia - San Javier Airport has only one parking lot.

The P1 General Parking Lot is located few meters away from the terminal and might be reached in only a minute. The fare for 7-day parking is approximately €31,00. The fare might reach €7.50 per day for the first four days, after that the rate is €6.00 per day. There are about 1.354 parking spaces available.

The enterprising companies offer parking lots on the territory near the airport. For instance, Seguro Parking fares reach €12.00 per day and decrease as the time goes by. Afterward, the parking fare is €35.00 for seven days, €50.00 for 14 days, €55.00 for 21 days, €65.00 per month, €110.00 per two months, and €299.00 per year. Meanwhile, Plane Parking fares reach €6.00 per day for outside parking and €10.00 for indoor parking on the territory of the airport. The rate for annual parking is €300.00.