Time and Weather in San Javier, Murcia

San Javier, Murcia, Spain is located in the CEST (Central European Summer Time) time zone, UTC/GMT +2 hours. The sunrise is at 07:59 and the sunset at 19:49 for the moment of the beginning of October 2018. The length of the day is 11 hours 50 minutes. San Javier, Spain is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich, UK.

The climate in San Javier is overly warm as it is located in the area of the Humid Subtropical climate that is characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters.

The average temperature during the hottest month of the year - January - is about 24.5 °C; meanwhile, the average temperature during the coldest month of the year - July - reaches 12 °C, which is the coldest temperature throughout the year.

There is rainfall throughout the year, and even at the driest months there is a significant amount of precipitation, therefore, during the driest month of the year- July- the precipitation reached the mark of 62 millimeters. Meanwhile, the wettest month of the year - May - has about 127 millimeters of rainfall on average. The annual rainfall level might reach the mark of 1107 millimeters.

The amount of sunshine in that area is quite generous, and the sunniest month is January and December as the hours of sun per month may reach over 250 hours, however, in June the hours of sun per month is approximately 150 hours.

The best time to visit San Javier is presumably from December to January as the temperature is quite mild and the amount of sunshine reaches its maximum.